Lego Factory - Lego being build by Lego

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Martin Bosgraaf
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    I've been working on a new project for a while already, and after a lot of thinking, testing, building, rebuilding and even more testing, building and some more rebuilding, I'm getting to the point where things start functioning and working. The factory will be on public display for the first time at LegoWorld Zwolle 2010.

    Short explanation of the project:
    The goal of this project is to build a lego factory totally different from the ones you can see here:

    Has the following properties:
    • Compact, this means that I'm building a more compact factory then the given examples of projects done by others. In my opinion those factories are despite their perfect functionality to large to what would be absolutely needed. When you look at those factories, you will note a lot of repetition of identical functional units (i.e. multiple press-towers). My factory is aimed a building a general system which uses basically a single building unit that can handle nearly every part as long as it has at least 1 stud on the top of the element.
    • Beauty, as previously said projects shown earlier by others are bulky and rather large. Next to that they are purely about function above design, which doesn't make it too attractive to look at. Earlier factory projects also tend to be build in rainbow colouring, which doesn't really help either. My project is aimed not just on function but also on elegance. This means that a large part of the factory is actually purely aimed at functionality, but next to that I also aim at the visual aspect, by making the entire project look like a large factory building, furnished and decorated to mini-figure scale. This means that it will contain control-rooms, etc...
    • Variable, factories previously shown, only have a single function, being able to build a single car of airplane (at least in the given examples in this post), the only variety provides is the option to pick colours. My aim is to build a factory that can build more then a single model. Eventually it might be able to build a small house, a car, a plane, a boat and maybe even more.
    • Detail, beside the detail already mention in the "beauty" item, I'm also focussing on detail in the models the factory will be able to build. Previous factory projects produce rather primitive models. A car consisting of 2 sets of wheels, a plate, 2 slopes and a brick. This is not what I want to be able to do. I want more! Goal for me is to be able to build cars that would match the tiny-turbo series Lego produced (although it can't manage the SNOT constructions). This means that a single model is this factory might consist not of just 6 pieces, but that a model might contain 50 parts or maybe even more. (At this point I would be able to build models (of any type) which can be 20 x 16 studs wide and up to 10 1/3 bricks in height)