Freighter Wars: The Canary

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Freighter Wars: The Canary by James Shields, on Flickr

The Royal Andelussian Navy had long used Corellian Freighters for a variety of roles, and was quick to place a large order for the newly launched YT-1210. However, when this line was quickly superseded by the YT-1300, rumours were rife that the YT-1210 line was defective. These were denied by the Corellian Engineering Corporation, but it wasn't enough to stop the Andelussian admiralty cancelling the undelivered order and selling off their entire fleet of the model, before the navy engineers had even finished painting in the distinctive yellow and black Andelussian livery.

Relations were strained with the Corellians, but eventually the situation was defused, and the Andelussian navy received a substantial discount on an order of YT-1300s.

The sold off 1210s gave many freebooters a very capable freighter at a substantial discount, and it was very common for them to be customised by their new owners, but few bothered to change the hodge podge of Andelussian markings.

Yeah, this is my entry to the Rebrick Freighter Wars competition. There's a stunning entry from Marshall Banana that I suspect is going to win, but maybe there's a chance of a runners up prize...

I've been thinking of this ship for a build for several years, so the competition was a good chance to get on with it. I hope to eventually rebuild with a detailed interior and finish off bits I didn't have time for.

Let me know what you think. I'd love opinions on it.