Rorek's Workshop

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Markus Rollbühler
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    Rorek's Workshop by Markus Rollbühler, on Flickr

    A little crazy, always ready to burn off his beard while tinkering on a new invention and never quite satisfied with the last, Rorek is the epitome of a dwarven engineer.

    His little workshop is equipped with everything someone like him needs. There is a furnace with plenty of coal and iron closeby and all the tools one can dream of. Usually Rorek loses himself in his projects, tinkering away, even forgetting lunch and supper, something his loving wife thankfully takes care of and often brings out.


    I hope you like my third build in my series of castle creations that I started recently with my windmill and continued with The Royal Academy.

    This one was a quick one and was built last weekend, just to put my mind on something else and to wind down.
    I've been wanting to do columns with the chest lids for about three or four years now and finally found an excuse to do so. Also: I seem to have found a liking for the book pieces – can you find all the ones I used? Grin

    Let me know what you think! Smiling

    Kind regards all the way from Denmark