Party Clown Speeder Bike

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This year again is Lego Speeder Bike Contest on Flickr - "The Battle for District 18".

At first I don't wanted to take a part, but I had an impuls and decided make just one speeder.
Something different.
This is my story.
"Even in District 18 we need a party!!!
Hire the clowns to color the grim life in the district 18. They will come for each birthday party, the youngest and the older ones.
For children there will be balloons, cookies and teddy bears.
For adults,.. It's scary to imagine what they have in these crazy colorful heads. : D"

I want to thank Gary for borrowing clowns for this model!!!

Party Clown Speeder Bike by jarekwally, on Flickr

More info about the contest is here: