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    Hello there,
    I am in progress of developing an international website-aggregator of Lego offers in stores around the world:
    Initially this site was made for USA and Canada, but now it also works with Ireland (15 stores), UK (19 stores) and some Eastern Europe countries.
    I would appreciate if you share your feedback what else should be done or what is not clear or useful.
    If you don’t mind, please let me know one important thing for me: if you use my site for monitoring pricing, how would you like to be alerted about Lego sales: Twitter, Telegram (if anyone uses it?), email, browser alerts or any other?
    It has also a Telegram bot @BricksFinderBot in beta (with subscriptions and other stuff)
    Hope you enjoy searching BricksFinder Smiling
    P.S. I know about brickcat, but we didn't know about it when we started Smiling