Agents HQ - a lengthy project finished

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    Posted this to Eurobricks already - but for those who don't frequent there:

    I had an idea for a Lego Agents base for some time, using the 3D police station baseplate. After a failed initial project (it was too lateral to incorporate an elevator, stairs took too much room and it was corridors not rooms) I had a revisit of it, embarking upon a vertical construction. The initial design had a vehicle bay at the front hinging open like the Agents truck - the redesign instead used those panels for a "missile silo" type construction. Each floor I added was developed in an organic fashion, and of course this shows in the final construction - nevertheless it adds a bit of individuality to it.

    Without further ado, the photos:

    The complete building seen from the front. Obviously this is a public headquarters - not exactly "secret" agent stuff (that would be a fun project too - Tracy Island style).

    In case of direct attack, the HQ is not completely defenceless:

    The building is a traditional style open back for "play" access (also high ceilings). I ended up extending the maintanance bay rearwards and was sorely tempted to extend the building further by having a basement/floor at ground level below the existing "ground floor". I may still do so.

    View from the side - there are doors for vehicles to launch from.

    The ground floor comprises a reception (receptionist, waiting area, security gate and security guard) and a maintanance bay for the vehicles (the one shown and also one below in the "pit" of the baseplate). A Mr. Ogel is in reception, obstensibly waiting to see some Agents about this young upstart Dr. Inferno (my enemy's enemy is my friend).

    The upper vehicle slides across for launch, and the platform can be tilted up to launch it - the lower door is raised at the same time as it is connected by chains to the platform's hidden technic workings.

    The Agents hang out in their lounge when awaiting deployment - there is a small kitchen, pool table, arcade machine, coffee table and armchairs.

    Closeup on the arcade machine and pool table:

    The floor above is the brains of HQ, here there is a computer room...:

    ...and a strategy room:

    The top floor (excepting the control tower) is the research room (the dog is a captured Dr. Inferno remote controlled animal):

    Comments welcome. I intended to show off the base with a story (involving Ogel), but I quickly decided it would be a lot of photos, quite some preparation, and hard to incorporate the "show" shots and also make a brief enough forum post with it.