Storm IV Twin Pod Cloud Car

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A vehicle I've always loved in Star Wars in the Twin Pod Cloud Car that guides the Millennium Falcon to the Cloud City landing pad on Bespin. I love the smooth curves and the unusual design of pods either side of a wing and engine.I'm sure it's completely impractical, but it's a great look.

It's not an easy shape in LEGO, and they've only produced one set at minifig scale, way back in 2000:

Fetching set 7119-1...

I'm wanted to build one in LEGO for several years, and desire has only grown as the selection of curved parts available in orange has grown. I've started several times, but didn't manage to produce something I was happy, so parked the project each time.

A couple of weeks back, I decided to try again, and this is what I came up with:

Storm IV Twin Pod Cloud Car 01 by James Shields, on Flickr

There are still a couple of things about it I'm hoping to improve, but overall I'm pretty happy.

I'm planning a mini Colud City display for Bricktastic (limited by what I can fit in my suitcase). Here's a work-in-progress shot:

I'm waiting on a couple of Bricklink orders to finish it off, but hopefully it will come together in Manchaster.