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Hi all.

Has anybody here ever had a Pick A Brick order split by TLG to facilitate postage?

The reason that I am asking, is because this happened to me.

I placed the Pick A Brick order on SaH on the 15th of October.
It was dispatched on the 19th of October.
It arrived to me on the 25th of October.
On checking the order approximately 150 pieces were "Missing" out of 1,600+ pieces that were in the order.
After speaking with TLG's customer service on the 26th of october, and enquiring about the missing pieces, I was informed that due to the size of the order, it was split, because it would all not fit into 1 bag/box for postage.
I was told that it was all dispatched on the 19th, and would take 19 days to get to Ireland.

After thinking about the response that I got, I am beginning to wonder about it, as 100 of the missing pieces are 1x1 tiles, which would not have taken up that much room in the bag.
And also in the past, I have gotten larger Pick A Brick orders, around 2,500 pieces at a time, in 1 bag/box.

Just wondering has this happened to anybody else in the past, or does anyone have any thoughts on the subject.


P.S. The free gift that was added on to the order was sent separately and arrived on the 24th.