Christmas decorations in work

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    Each year for the last 5 years I've set up some Lego stuff for Christmas in work. This year, it took longer than usual and is much messier than I would like.

    On the weekend before I was going to bring everything in to work on the 3rd, while moving bits around there was an accident at home. Just when I was getting into doing some landscape stuff and adding the minifigs, I moved the tunnel section off my table to the floor and put the house on top of a set of pull out drawers. Cue slow motion noooo as it slipped and bounced off the table on to the tunnel. So that set me back a week to recover and fix it up. I gave up on landscape stuff then really.

    I used the JK Brickworks motorised reindeer instructions. Now with all 8 reindeer thanks to the reindeer eye bricks I got at last month's meeting.
    The horse and carriage is a slightly modified version from Soar Bricks





    I apologise if that's too many pictures.