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So the new "improved" VIP program has landed and there are more rewards to be picked up which is cool, unfortunately most of them are stupid amounts of points to redeem, want a poster? sure, just spend €750 - €4000! the mustang keyring? that'll be a spend of €1000! the super cool and rare Bat Pod? that's available and will set you back 15,000 points!

but i'm not interested in these i hear you say! just give me my money off instead and all is good and those who want the extra stuff can save for them. well bad news there too. points to cash ratio is crap now:

800 points gets you a €5/£5/$5 money off voucher that you have to request in advance via the website, no more just seeing what you can redeem at checkout by presenting your card.

this is in contrast to the 100 points gets you a fiver off in your local currency and any multiple of 100 was available to be converted to money off in what will be remembered as the good old days before lego ruined the VIP program...