My city MOCs to date

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    Introducing my two city MOCs built to date.

    First, the pub and bookshop. This started out as just the front facade inspired by the Chancery Inn (near the Four Courts in Dublin) and developed from there.

    I tried to capture as Dublin-y a feel as possible, so of course it needed some dodgy characters:

    And some billboards on the ends:

    It's old and dirty, so it gave me an opportunity to mix in a good amount of old yellowed Old Gray parts:

    The ground floor has interior details. I didn't do interiors upstairs.

    More photos in the album:

    Secondly, an office block belonging to a social media company with questionable ethics called Shareface. I just wanted to build something with a lot of glass and some curvature.

    The company logo was a way to inject some colour into an otherwise fairly gray building:

    Once again, interior details only on the ground floor.

    And more in the album:

    Since I built these I've been working on building brick roads and some quays to tie them together. I'll post some WIP pics soon.