Irish CIE Mk3 orange Coaches "intercity"

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    irish passenger car final white stripes.jpg

    Hi all,
    after months and months of work I would like to show you my real first MOC. I am working also on the loco but so far this is the item I am most proud of. I am a train lover and I am starting to move into 8wide more and more as I believe they look like more realistic than the 6w standard Lego. Said that this model hasn't yet been built in bricks but only in digital with and it took me a lot of time and effort. I wanted to use that roof orange part which was quite cheap and therefore I moved on with that, making improvements over another. at the beginning the white stripe had the height of a stud but I wans't satisfied and I therefore studied several way of making it thinner and so now I am very happy. I need to get still some bricks then I can start the building and will update this post in due course.
    What do you guys think?
    Any feedback or criticism really appreciate.
    Cheers, Maurizio