Experiences with Brickshop.eu

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    I hope this is the right area for this topic.

    I ordered some Lego products from this store during the Black Friday week, and now the status says since Friday evening last week the delivery is with the driver. As there is no movement and there is explicitly saying there is no delivery date as of yet, I reached out to the store (no phone number that they actually answer) so via email.

    I got a day later a reply, and asked for an update today only to get a very snappish unpersonal answer citing delays with corona and whatnot, and that they replied to me yesterday (I actually responded to that email).

    Unfortunately, I opted to pay with a credit card instead of PayPal as they wanted 5% on top for that, (i think that's illegal actually or at least very much against the terms of PayPal).

    So I'm wondering if I should talk to my bank, and if anyone has experiences with this store (they looked legit to me).