Market Street MOD, Hat shop and hair salon

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    Ever since getting Market Street, Café Corner, Green Grocer and Town Plan I have intended to modify them/kit them out. Although I doubt I will ever use any of them for parts, I have no qualms about adjusting them to my own liking - making structural modifications/expansions as well as added content. I intend to modify all of them and add at least one building of my own (most likely tan-coloured due to having Model Town House).

    I finally started the first of my projects to do this, Market Street, to ease me into modifying the modular buildings.

    Photo of my street scene so far (not even minifigs bedecking other buildings yet - and no streetscape yet). Unfortunately I have little display space!:

    Front of Market Street:

    By itself showing modification at roof level (to suit interior... you'll see):

    Ground floor is now a hat shop (I had more parts for that than for a pâtisserie):

    Hmmm... can't see into that so well can we? Solution, hinging the wall, wheee! (OK so it wouldn't work with a building on that side). Inside we can see the hat-meister and a customer. Door to basement and a door for the hair salon upstairs. Shelves of hats and hatboxes, some cupboards below.

    Small but busy hair salon upstairs (the sinks are a bit tight Smiling Spiral staircase up to the attic.

    View of the salon from the other side. Yes Mr. Lockheart the hairdresser is a bit unnerving. Customer is unfazed though.

    View of the attic café area. Possibly a perk for customers of that hair salon?

    Customer with freshly styled hair enjoying the coffee.

    Close-up on the kitchen area:

    Hope you like it, comments welcome. Next job, Café Corner and Hotel... a more serious proposition. I'm beginning by "unindenting" the back wall corner.