1930s?-style posh old car, 4-wide two seater

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    Well, in procrastinating about starting on modification of Café Corner, I was browsing my vehicle parts container ("modified" plates, incl. wheel arches, seats, space brackets/seats) and got on to thinking if I couldn't use the 2005 style wheel arches for an old car (you know the ones where there is defined wheel housing/mudguards). Also while I am a fan of 6 wide vehicles, I felt that for a small car, 4 wide would be nice.

    So, I'm not sure exactly what year such a car as this would be from, nor how realistic it is (yes, very lazy of me I did no research whatsoever and just built from imagination).

    Front view:

    Back view:

    Side view:

    Front close-up:

    Back close-up:

    It's black due to parts limitations, and the wheels are smaller than is preferable due to the wheel arch size. They also stick out further than the mudguard but that's in order to give the impression that the mudguard too also comes out further from the car body.

    Comments welcome!