LEGO in Hamleys, Dundrum Town Centre

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Yesterday morning, I was in Dundrum Town Centre and went into Hamleys to see if any of the Summer 2012 sets were available. They weren't, but to my surprise, I spotted some exclusives that have never appeared in any retail outlets in Ireland as far as I know. I noticed the following sets available:

10197 Fire Brigade
10218 Pet Shop
10212 Imperial Shuttle
10221 Super Star Destroyer
10219 Maersk Train
10216 Winter Village Bakery

Some Architecture sets were also available, although I don't recall which ones. While this may come as a surprise, they are a lot more expensive than they are at Shop at Home. I didn't record all the prices, but I remember the Maersk Train was about EUR130 while it is only EUR114.99 at Shop at Home. If anyone is interested in these sets, I still recommend Shop at Home, but if you don't mind paying more you might be interested. I also just noticed that the Winter Bakery is not currently available at Shop at Home, so anyone looking for one could come here.

I don't know what prompted Hamleys to make this investment, but it does seem kind of unusual to see these sets at retail in Ireland.