Gumtree haul

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    Just got a massive haul from gumtree for the pricely sum of 100e, now it needs cleaning and some kiddie damage on some bricks but overall alot of stuff.

    So far

    parts from:
    7256 jedi starfighter and vulture driod 2005
    7259 Arc fighter 170 2005
    7261 Clone turbo tank 2005
    7250 Clone scout walker 2005
    7258 Wookie attack 2005
    7264 Imperial inspection 2005
    8635 Mobil agents command centre 2008
    7707 striking venom exo force 2006
    7326 rise of the sphinex 2011
    8053 Technic mobil crane 2010

    thats the first box and a half, still another 2 and half box's to go, guy said there was a falcon in there also and have found parts of a tie fighter of some type but trying to narrow it down.

    Anyone have any tips for sorting out stuff like this?