New Layout - hopefully transportable!

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Andy Glascott
Andy Glascott


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    Hi folks, sorry I've been away for a while, it's been an interesting year! Anyway, after a house move and a break from building, I've scratched the itch and started on a new layout, as always, with an extra challenge... I'm a train fan, and so yes, it's railway themed, and features 2 levels, each with 1 9v loop and 2 12v loops so I can run 6 trains. Been there, done that before I know. This time though, I'm building it across 4 separate boards that mean in theory at least it can be moved and displayed at shows etc. I say in theory, because each section will have to be tilted to get it out the door....

    I've put a couple of pics on Brickshelf - and have set up a blog to go alongside it as a number of my friends aren't on the various Lego forums and want to keep track of it. The blog is here with more pics and detail -

    Once it's complete and I know how mobile it is, or isn't... I'll look into the possibility of bringing it over to a future event.

    I'll keep you posted on how it's going...