Buying Lego in Ireland

TK Maxx

Lego TK Maxx

First time ever seeing Lego in TK Maxx Wexford (well with the exception of books and storage boxes)...pity it wasn't much of a discount - €19.99 Click & Collect

Has anyone used the click and collect service on before, I ordered some Lego last Friday, grated it was a bank holiday it was dispatched on the Tuesday and I haven't heard a word since. Supposedly 2-3 days for delivery.

Anyone any similar experiences?

I'm going to cry

I'm going to cry

Spotted this just now I think I will cry, why just why

competition using brick stock and brick link store


Abit of advice needed. so i started putting parts etc into my store using brickstock and last 6 months sales and average and increasing by a penny like you tube videos mention. however, when i add a mini mig this way or other parts I noticed tonight that other irish stores are selling well below the 6 months average and turns oit then my prices are too high.

should i put this in manually to compete or stick to brickstock average guidance?



Large bulk orders

Outside of Lugbulk, what are the options to buy a large amount in bulk in bricklink? Not even sure if this is large, but let's say you are willing to place a 300 euro order. Do you get discounts? Is this appropriate to ask? Is that even a large order at all?

Saturday loot

Saturday loot

15kg of Lego washed and now starting to sort it all, I always wash Lego I buy second hand in the washing machine, this lot was €140 and I'm pretty happy with it Smiling

Magazine Offers

I picked up the current issues of the City and Ninjago magazines in Tesco, priced at EUR5.49 and EUR4.99 respectively. Both come with two minifigures and accessories. Not a bad deal considering the price of a single CMF.

Series 17 Minifigs

Does anyone have any idea when series 16 is going to be released and where the best place to buy a sealed box would be?

Recent Purchases

Apologies if this topic has been posted elsewhere, I did a search but couldn't find anything of the like. Why not have a thread where we can post recent purchases to make others jealous Grin

Today I ordered off Lego S@H the following --

Resistance Troop Transporter @ €37.49

View set 75140 at Brickset

First Order Snowspeeder @ €24.99

View set 75100 at Brickset

Flash Speeder @ €19.99

View set 75091 at Brickset

And of course, I received the Disco Batman / Tears of Batman for free!

View set 30607 at Brickset

For the grand total of €82.47, I'm pretty chuffed. So what has everyone purchased recently?

I have a question about buying bricks.

I have a few questions about buying bricks.
Is bricklink the best place to buy bricks or are there other places?
Are there any good Irish stores on brick Link?
If I order from multiple stores does my order come in the one box or a different one from every store
Thank you very much for any help. I'm a beginner with lots of questions.

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